Cultural Experience

Pu’er Ancient Tea Horse Road Cultural Experience

March 17

14:00 – 17:30 

$25 per person

For those of you in Pu’er on the Tuesday afternoon, March 17 we are organizing a trip to explore a section of the Pu’er Ancient Tea Horse Road. 

This road was an important trade link between Yunnan and Bengal, Myanmar, Tibet and Central China as early as 65 BC. Tea porters and Tibetan ponies carried heavy loads of tea, often away from home for years, returning with silk and salt.

Located 5 km from Pu’er City the adventure begins with a 25-minute cable car ride up the mountain to Cha Ma, an ancient town along the north – south section of the Ancient Tea Horse Road. 

A floating bridge brings you across Dingbo Lake to a second cable car and the Caravan Museum at Zhongyi station.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  If rain is forecast an umbrella or rain jacket is recommended.

Shuttle will leave the Dream House Hotel at 14:00, returning at 17:30.