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Uganda is located in East Africa and lies across the Equator, about 800 km inland from the Indian Ocean. The country is landlocked and bordered by Kenya in the East; South Sudan in the North; Democratic Republic of Congo in the West; Tanzania in the South; and Rwanda in the South West. The population of Uganda is currently estimated at 40,227,785 people. 

Coffee is the oldest, most significant commercial agricultural commodity and major foreign exchange earner, contributing 15% of total exports. Uganda produces two types of coffee (Robusta and Arabica) in a ratio of 4:1 and has two coffee major seasons for both Arabica and Robusta that enable it to export fresh coffee throughout the year. 

Coffee is produced by an estimated 1.7 million coffee farmers from 114 districts. Coffee is grown in altitude ranging from 800 to 1,400 meters above sea level for Robusta and 2,300 to 6,000 metres above sea level for Arabica. 

Uganda is the birthplace of Robusta coffee with its origin from along the Lake Victoria crescent. The indigenous Robusta species are still found in Kibale forest in western Uganda, marketed as the "Kibale wild coffee". 

In FY2018/19, Uganda produced 6.9 million 60 kg bags. 

The Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) is a government agency mandated to promote and oversee the coffee industry by supporting research, promoting production, controlling coffee quality, and improving the marketing of coffee in order to optimize foreign exchange earnings for the country and payments to the farmers. 

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