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The Yunnan International Coffee Exchange


The Yunnan International Coffee Exchange (YCE) launched in 2015 with the goal of creating one of the world’s largest coffee exchange centers, with a focus on trading green coffee grown in China and surrounding countries. YCE’s ambitious plans include developing and implementing an electronic trading system, launching extensive farmer support programs, building milling and processing facilities, and implementing quality control and grading systems. The organization is also creating sales and marketing programs and a broad global educational program highlighting coffees grown in China’s Yunnan Province. 

A cornerstone of YCE’s plans for the future is building YCE into a global brand representing quality, capability, and strength. The brand’s objective is to create strong demand for fine coffees from Yunnan while promising a sustainable return to coffee growers associated with YCE.

YCE Mission

Enhance and inspire value and sustainability in the Chinese coffee sector and supply chain

Become the direct link between the Yunnan coffee community and the global coffee industry

Implement an innovative trading platform for China and Southeast Asia

Provide a comprehensive agricultural, financial, marketing, and management support service network to Yunnan coffee-growing communities and the surrounding Chinese and Southeast Asia growing regions

Establish SCA standards for Asian green coffees

Provide leadership to the Chinese coffee industry through training, education, innovation, and transparency to become a global factor in coffee production and consumption

YCE progress

YCE has made significant progress in its four years of existence. Working closely with the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), YCE recently launched a Model Farm program demonstrating efficient, high-quality growing methods for farmers. The YCE has also advanced coffee quality in Yunnan by developing the CQI Processing certification and opening an SCA-Certified Laboratory and SCA Premier Training Campus. Through its selection as the Portrait Country at the 2018 SCA conference, Chinese coffees are gradually earning a higher global profile. The YCE is supporting these advancements with financial support services for coffee farmers and programs that market Yunnan coffees. 

The YCE recently launched the Yunnan Coffee Pricing Index in collaboration with the China Xinhua News Network Corporation and the Pu’er Municipal Government. The index will further YCE’s objectives of improving market access and pricing information for coffee producers and buyers.